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marketing & development
As the Director of Communications, Linda Mojer developed the first formal media kit for the then-AARA, and used it -- along with a number of other tools -- to market the association brand and its copyrighted properties. As the Managing Editor of RACQUETBALL, she developed proper use of the publication as a well-balanced vehicle for all official marketing, fundraising and sponsorship campaigns.

On a shoestring budget, she created and implemented a series of low-cost programs to increase revenue, including the first, second and third generation official websites, online storefront and event registration services. Coordinated and managed all print collateral for sponsorship and capital campaign fundraising.

  • Designed and populated the first USRA website
  • Converted all public information from print to web
  • Created and instituted banner advertising program
  • Designed and built the first online storefront
  • Coordinated and populated all online merchandising sales
  • Developed and implemented online event registration
  • Researched and generated official sport demographics
  • Developed and published the official recordbook
  • Enhanced the official rulebook for commercial sale
  • Managed and monitored sponsorship accounts
  • Handled all trademark and brand protections
  • Fielded all reproduction requests of copyrighted material
  • Established first full-scale athlete bio reference library
  • Researched and edited official organizational history
  • Researched and compiled national event historical records
  Specific to fundraising, the 2003-2004 capital campaign was spearheaded by USRA board officer Randy Stafford, and implemented by Linda Mojer via the association's official publication. This task required skillful editing of all promotional copy, design of all collateral forms and reports, accurate follow-up recognition of donors for print and web. The result was a successful development effort, with donations on schedule and a total above-goal.

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