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Article: Publication Design
RACQUETBALL Magazine was re-established with Volume 1, No.1 [Fall 1989], after having been published for over a decade -- and later sold -- by the American Amateur Racquetball Association in the early 80s. At that time, the sport's popularity and a growing fitness market easily supported a series of sport publications, including Racquetball Illustrated, International Racquetball, and National Racquetball.

As a volunteer, Linda Mojer served as a founding officer of the Florida Racquetball Association and instituted the state's first newsletter. Later, her work came to the attention of the national office and she was tapped to guide its media and public relations efforts, coordinate all official communications and finally to become the editor of RACQUETBALL in its re-incarnation, after National Racquetball ceased publication in 1989.

In addition to the marquee publication, each and every public document produced for member distribution and/or commercial sale between 1989 and 2004 was designed, edited, coordinated and managed under Linda Mojer's personal or direct supervision.

  • Bi-monthly RACQUETBALL Magazine [See online back issues]
  • Souvenir tournament and banquet programs
  • Official Rulebooks (USRA and IRF)
  • Annual, updated official recordbooks
  • Media, player and tournament guides
  • Organizational governance manuals
  • Constitutional and bylaw documentation
  • Specialty instruction and reference manuals
  • All tournament application forms/entries
  • On site daily event newsletters

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