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public relations
From typewritten releases issued by mail in 1989 ... to a full-scale, real-time interactive online and email news service, USRA media and public relations services were creatively shaped into a well-regarded media resource. From zero-based holdings in 1990 ... to a comprehensive bio reference containing photos and career profiles on all the top athletes throughout the history of the sport ... a wealth of information was gathered and organized to legitimize racquetball, its governing body and its player base.

With the same attention to detail that characterizes all her work, Linda Mojer developed a series of presentations, policies and procedures to assist smaller state organizations in establishing their own press operations. These tutorials later included new internet options to enhance the effectiveness of public relations attempts nationwide.

Using the web, interactive public relations services were developed to provide up-to-the-minute insights at national events, using both narrative AP-style reporting and tournament drawsheet graphics. On site, tournament programs, media kits and daily newsletters for attendees were combined with traditional press release reporting to provide a full view of the sport.

In general, public relations by Linda Mojer are characterized by the highest ethical and professional standards for completion and accuracy.

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