January - February 2003
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The "Players helping Players" Campaign Update
by Randy Stafford

create a legacy
terms of endearment
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the campaign trail
The “Players helping Players” donors shown at right have kick-started the ambitious fundraising campaign announced in the last issue of RACQUETBALL, with gifts that total just over $25,000 toward the first “phase” of a $100,000 goal [by May 31, 2003]. Even better news was the signing-on of an anonymous donor with a matching funds gift of $25,000 — meaning that every dollar donated by individuals will be doubled by the matching gift. You give $50.00 and $100.00 goes into the fund!

lifetime membership sale!
One of the mid-range benefits offered in the current fundraising campaign is a lifetime membership (a $1,000.00 value) for half-price. Donate to the campaign at the “A” (or above) level and your name will be added to the list of lifetime members, and you’ll never have to worry about renewals (or rate hikes) again! But you’ll want to hurry ... this campaign “promise” runs out May 31 — after which all lifetime memberships will cost the full $1,000.00.
Sign up today!

create a legacy of giving ... 
This first phase of the fundraising campaign is truly designed for players, as you can see from the special "gift list" that offers a great package of benefits, from top to bottom. When you take part, you'll be supporting the association with a donation that practically pays for itself in real value, plus it’s tax-deductible!

the donors
Open Level ($5,000 & up)
Anonymous [with a matching funds gift of $25,000]
Randy Stafford, Tenn.

Elite Level ($1,000 & up)
Bruce Adams, Okla.
Doug Dickman, Mo.
Doug Ganim, Ohio
Susan L. Klimaitis Foundation, Ill.
Ed & Holly Remen, N.C.
Chuck Rousenberg, Fla.
Campbell Snowberger, S.C.
Luke St. Onge, Colo.
Jan Stelma, N.C. 
John Vohland, Colo.

A Level ($500 & up)
Jeff Burbank, Mo. 
Heather Dunn, Mass.
Joe Houck, Colo.
Linda Mojer, Colo.
Andy Roberts, Tenn. 
Robert Schattner, N.J.
Ernesto Tan, Ill.

B Level ($250 & up)
Phil Cohen, N.M.
Woodrow Gibson, Ind.

C Level ($100 & up)
Luis Alvarez, N.Y.
David Hendricks, Ariz.
Dick Kincade, Colo.

D Level ($50 & up)
Anthony DiCianni, Ill. 
Bob Goldbetter, N.Y.
Doug Smith, Ga. 

Total donated (outright) since the kickoff in the last issue = 
$ 25,600

Level Gift What you'll get ... 
Open  $5000 Ten-Year National Event Pass, plus all shown below
Elite  $1000 Five-Year National Event Pass [+ lifetime membership, frame, hat & racquetballs]
$500 Lifetime Membership SPECIAL* [last-chance pricing!]
B $250 Frame [+ U.S. Team hat & racquetballs]
C $100 U.S. Team Hat [+ commemorative racquetballs]
$50 “Players Helping Players” commemorative racquetballs

• National event passes entitle the holder to free entry to any USRA National event (including U.S. Open, Nationals singles or doubles, National Intercollegiate or Junior Nationals) for the term noted. 
• *USRA Lifetime Memberships will be increased to $1000 in 2003 — take advantage of the current low price. 
• “Player’s helping Players" commemorative racquetball balls will be produced in a limited edition by Penn and will bear a special stamp of the campaign slogan. A collector's item, they will only be available to campaign donors. 
• All donors will receive a letter detailing their tax-deductible contribution.

terms of endearment ... FOUNDATION GIVING (RESTRICTED): Gifts to the "USRA Foundation" will be deposited in a capital fund, with the intent of building a working cash account which will generate interest income in the long term. Funds are restricted, and may not be used or spent directly — only accumulated — for the purpose of establishing financial stability for the association's future.

PLANNED GIVING (RESTRICTED): You can create a “Legacy of Giving” in a number of ways, through: Charitable Remainder Trust (charity receives assets of trust at the expiration of the trust); Wealth Replacement Trust (used with CRT, replaces value of assets given to charity); Charitable Lead Trust (pays predetermined percentage of trust income to charity); Family Foundation (tax deduction for donations made in future); Donor Advised Funds (immediate tax deduction for contribution). There are numerous other methods of estate giving that your financial advisor can assist you in planning. For more information, contact your financial advisor, or send an email requesting more information, or call 800-234-5396 for a complete list of estate options. 

SPECIAL SUPPORT (RESTRICTED): Gifts may be earmarked for specific support (i.e. junior development, U.S. Team, LPRA) in any special-interest area of your choice.

GENERAL FUND (UNRESTRICTED): Gifts to the "general fund" are the most flexible, and valuable, in the short-term. Your unrestricted gifts enable the USRA to work toward reducing a sizable deficit, or it might just help us pay the light bill.

DONATE ONLINE!  Or use the card enclosed in the mailed November/December edition to give us your instructions [or download a .pdf hard copy of the card].  Please take part in this ambitious campaign to put the USRA on firm financial footing ... for the future of racquetball. Thank you!

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