July - August 2003
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Campaign closes out with a Bang!
by Randy Stafford

On behalf of the USRA , I would like to personally thank everyone who participated in our "Players helping Players" campaign. We set a lofty goal of $100,000, having no idea if we could really reach that level. The outpouring of donations from players was very large, breathtaking and certainly unexpected. I could tell the donations were from the heart and soul of all of us … as players, we all want racquetball to succeed and prosper. 

When the campaign deadline passed on May 31, our grand total exceeded the goal by over $30,000. With this type of support, combined with the many changes at the USRA, we will begin to see a much different organization in the years to come. There are many exciting things happening right now. 

The first exciting upgrade is a new, internet-based membership program that your donations helped make possible. One advantage of this system will be the ability for all members to access information about fellow players, tournaments, matches and updates at any time. We have needed something like this to help unite the sport and its players. It will enable the USRA to maintain contact with all of the members for a very low cost, keeping us informed — personally and directly — of new events, players, and racquetball in general. These brand new features (and many more in the planning stages) are being made possible by your donations. I will publish a full accounting of where these funds are being used in an upcoming issue. 

We will start a new fundraising campaign for the next season, and will ask you to please keep us on your list of worthwhile causes; we feel that our efforts are just getting started and we'll need your continued support to obtain our goals. The USRA is our organization and one of its main goals is "players helping players" and this can only be done with your support. Many thanks and keep on playing.
 Even though this formal campaign phase has ended, you're still welcome to make charitable donations to the program of your choice ... 
the donors
Open Level 
($5,000 & up)

Jeff & Cindy Conine, FL
Doug Dickman, MO
Scott Hirsch, FL
Randy Stafford, TN

Elite Level 
($1,000 & up)

Bruce Adams, OK
Jaime Anaya, CA
Mark Baron, KY
P. Sue Beckwith, IA
Marsha Berry, KY
William Cooper, MD
Miss Sherrika Darnell, CA
Otto Dietrich, GA
Tony Feldstein, CO
Robert Fennell, TX
Doug Ganim, OH
Gary Gloegger, GA
Jason Hicks, KY
Larry Hicks, KY
Jere Jackson, TN
Eric Jubin, TX
Michael Kaufman, GA
Darold Key, AZ
Susan Klimaitis Foundation, IL
Danny Lavely, OH
Charles Lew, NC
Annie Muniz, TX
Beth Neff, WA
Jeff Nelson, MD
Geoff Peters, IL
Dennis Rajsich, AZ
Rhonda Rajsich, AZ
Ed Remen, NC
Holly Remen, NC
Curtis Rettke, VA
Kris Robinson, KY
Terry Ann Rogers, CA
Dennis Rosenberg, PA
Chuck Rousenberg, FL
John Sanderson, UT
Phil Singer, KY
Cam Snowberger, SC
Luke St. Onge, CO
Jan Stelma, NC
Oscar Vargas, TX
John Vohland, CO
Janice Vosika, WY
Stacey Young, VA
Kevin Webb, NC

A Level ($500 & up)
Winston Abreu, AE
Richard Aitken, TN
Carmen Alatorre-Martin, VA
Curtis Alatorre-Martin, VA
Mark Bianchi, OK
Keith Brown, IL
Tony Buckley, MN
Jeff Burbank, CO
Donna Cooper, TX
Steve Crandall, RI
Ralph Cuesta, FL
Tom Curran, OH
Mark Davis, FL
Terry Davis, TN
Mark Douyere, OH
Heather Dunn, MA
Dave Ellis, CA
John Greer, PA
Lance Gilliam, TX
Mildred Gwinn, NC
Tina Hagen, CO
Ray Hicks, KY
Joe Houck, CO
Pro Tour, IRT 
Tom Kirchner, MO
James Kostal, WY
Terry Lambright, LA
Bob Lerow, FL
Dave Letsche, CO
David Levy, FL
Michelle Lichtman, VA
Ron Marr, KY
Jim McPherson, TX
Steve Meltsner, CT
Linda Mojer, CO
Russ Montague, PA
James Payne, PA
John Rhodes, CO
Jeff Riehl, NY
Andy Roberts, TN
Robert Schattner, NJ
Samuel Smith, WA
Peggy Stephens, KY
Ernesto Tan, IL
Tom Travers, OH
Ramona Vonondarza, FL
Alan Wyatt, NC
Jen Yokota Sheldon, MO

B Level 
($250 & up)

Phil Cohen, N.M.
Ali Paksoy, Jr., N.C.
Amos Rosenbloom, MN

C Level 
($100 & up)

Earl & Mary Low Acuff, NC
Luis Alvarez, NY
Pete Dean, CO
Nidia Funes, CA
Jim Garner, AL
David Hendricks, AZ
Jeff Jovien, IL
Dick Kincade, CO
Greg Mandell, IL
Robert McAdam, TX
David Stark, NY
Hector Topete, CA
Bob Townsend, SC

D Level 
($50 & up)

Glenn Allen, VA
Shirley Barron, KY
Anthony DiCianni, IL
Barbara Faulkenberry, GA
Ken Fife, VA
Bob Goldbetter, NY
Gray Norris, SC
Victor Scammell Jr., TX
Dr. Graig Shaak, FL
Doug Smith, GA
Gary Walter, NY
Roger Wehrle, GA

Total donations = $132,406

Of that total, anonymous donors made substantial contributions behind the scenes. Special thanks go out to those generous “mystery” givers! 

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