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management & administration
Working with a small staff for both USRA business dealings and RACQUETBALL magazine production required a creative approach in a number of areas. From motivating volunteers to sustaining morale among overworked colleagues, management and administration of USRA programs was complex.

Among those areas that required professional attention and handling were the research and drafting of office management and governance policies and procedures, employee manuals, Board of Directors policy documentation, Constitution and Bylaw management, legal protections and copyrights, contract reviews and negotiations, departmental budget preparation and monitoring, plus all functional responsibilities of running a full-scale publishing operation. 

A strong proponent for women's issues in sport, Linda Mojer was and remains committed to equal gender representations in any and all of her work. Also important is the equal and ethical application of, and adherence to, established policies and procedures, without biased regard of any type. 

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