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Your sanctioned racquetball tournament -- just like any other sporting event -- is worthy of news coverage by your local print and broadcast media outlets ... that is, your hometown newspaper(s), radio and television stations. These are your outlets, because -- as a member of the community (and news audience) -- you are in charge of making certain that these outlets are aware of your interest in such racquetball coverage. Tell them. State clearly and directly that you want to see racquetball coverage and results. Then be ready to help them get the information they need to do their jobs, and respond to your stated needs.

You'll find that once you've committed to providing legitimate, newsworthy results in a timely manner -- your response rate will swiftly improve and you'll see more and more instances of racquetball, and its enthusiasts, getting "air time" or "into print."


    Who benefits from "good PR" for your events?
  • Entries will increase as word gets "outside the building" via media distribution channels
  • Sponsors are attracted to events that have mainstream media appeal
  • Host facilities will draw prospective members who read about special events at the club
  • State Associations and organizing committees get higher visibility for the work that they do
  • Outstanding and worthy athletes are recognized for their achievements
  • The sport gains credibility, increases mass appeal and attracts newcomers

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