Cheryl Gudinas hit a career highnote with her 2002 U.S. OPEN win it had been the only major title to elude her. Photo: Vicki Hughes.
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January - February 2003
Volume 14, Number 1

Cheryl Gudinas Lives her Dream ... by Dick Barton
With a #1 ranking and a career first U.S. Open win notched on her belt this year, Cheryl Gudinas is on top of her game and plans on staying there. She rose to these heights of professional racquetball with fierce determination, a solid belief in the rewards of hard work, and an enviable support system. And a few great role models along the way ...
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Choice Hotels U.S. OPEN ... by Ryan John
Sudsy Monchik made a remarkable full-circle recovery to earn his fourth U.S. OPEN title in 2002 [see late-breaking news] ... while Cheryl Gudinas broke her event jinx to take her first crown at the pro tour's marquee event. See the ESPN broadcast on Friday, February 14, at ... 2:00 pm EST ... 1:00 pm CST ... 12:00 noon MST ... 11:00 am PST. 

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Campaign Update ... by Randy Stafford 
With this issue's update on the "Players helping Players" campaign, the mid-range giving level offers a half-price "sale" for a lifetime membership. The benefit is perfect for those who expect to compete at racquetball well into their twilight years! Hurry ... this offer ends in May, 2003.

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