Survivor Champ Tina Wesson

January - February 2002
Volume 13, Number 1

Hilton 6th U.S. OPEN Championships 
Watch it on ESPN ...  Friday, February 8 at 1:00 pm eastern
Excerpts of story by Ryan John, with additional material by Todd Boss, Woody Clouse & Jo Shattuck. Photos by Mike Boatman & Vicki Hughes.
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Then & Now: St. Onge Speaks Out, Part One 
Candid interview with former USRA Executive Director - and current Director of International Relations -  Luke St. Onge. [ Full Text ]

Poster Pull Out: Artwork by Michael Maness
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Wizard Waselenchuk by Tom Rall
IRT in Chicago
by Woody Clouse
IRT Rankings
LPRA in Colorado Springs
by Ryan John
LPRA Rankings
IRT Schedule & Scorecard
LPRA Schedule & Scorecard
From the Editorby Linda Mojer
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TOP-25 USRA National Open, Skill & Age Rankings
TOP-25 USRA National "Age+Skill" Rankings

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Sudsy's Magic Show: Watching the Ball by Sudsy Monchik
Ektelon Performance Series: The Lob Serve by Mike Guidry
E-Force Playbook: Power Crossover by Tim Doyle

Smarter Head: Visualization  by Fran Davis
Winning Racquetball: Challenging the Blocks 
by Marcy Lynch
Training for Racquetball Part III: Conditioning 
by Tim Scheet
Training: Trigger Points by Aaron Haydu

AmPRO Clinic Schedule
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  • Wilson 15th U.S. National High School Championships: March 1-3, 2002 [ preview ]
  • E-Force 30th U.S. National Intercollegiate Championships: April 3-7, 2002 [ preview ]
  • Road to the Finals: Ektelon Regional Qualifiers
on the cover
Cliff Swain bears down on a backhand, and on a chance to end the season with a sixth tour win, during his U.S. OPEN final against John Ellis in Memphis. Photo: Mike Boatman.
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