January - February 2002
Vol. 13, No. 1 | Contents

by Linda Mojer

It seems a lot like the telephone game ... a person makes a statement at one end of the room, and by the time it gets back to its author, the “translation” no longer bears any resemblance to the original. At least one or two readers routinely misinterpret these editorials (imagine!), and where recent “buzz” about the national office is concerned, it seems that there are quite a few amusing “translations” making the rounds.

For those who follow late-breaking news online (in between print issues) at www.racqmag.com, you learned back in November that Luke St. Onge had elected to step down as Executive Director of the USRA, effective January 1, 2002. A thorough read of the material released from the office was pretty clear about the planned administrative re-structure, and a re-distribution of duties among remaining staff (including St. Onge). Now, some eight weeks later, we’ve heard just about every conceivable misinterpretation of those facts, so here’s an update that might be helpful in assuring everyone that the USRA is not going down like the Titanic.

Luke St. Onge will remain on staff, in a director’s position, with responsibilities in USOC and International Relations. Remaining directors Kevin Joyce (Membership), Jim Hiser (Programs), and Linda Mojer (Communications) have taken on duties formerly handled by the ED. Kevin Joyce will now manage U.S. Team and Fundraising projects; Hiser has taken on fiduciary/budgeting responsibilities, and Mojer will direct sponsorship/marketing efforts. For the moment, a cooperative effort among the four directors will guide the business of the USRA through the close of the fiscal year (May 30).

At the same time, the USRA Board of Directors has appointed a task force to determine the association’s needs, in terms of whether or not to conduct a full-scale search for an Executive Director, hire from within, or do without an ED indefinitely. While those deliberations take place, it’s a pretty sure bet that the magazine will continue to be produced, national events will be hosted, membership will continue to grow, and the sport’s international prominence will be assured. Over the years, St. Onge hand-selected a team that is more than capable of managing itself, and the business at hand, through just this type of transition. So, despite any and all rumors to the contrary, it’s only slightly modified business-as-usual in our offices — leaving little need to run, screaming, for the exits ...

Will there be other changes? Maybe. Will they all be good? Perhaps. Should you continue to look for accurate and up-to-the-minute information in RACQUETBALL — and online at racqmag.com? Absolutely. And you can start with the first of a two-part St. Onge interview that doesn’t pull any punches ... about where the sport has been, and where it’s headed. Then we can start a whole new round of “the telephone game” and see where that leads us in 2002. Happy New Year!

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