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finding the right person

The simplest way to begin is to identify someone willing to be your event, or state association, "publicist," who will act as your primary media/public relations contact.

    Likely candidates for this position are:
  • Board members or officers
  • Newsletter editor or contributor
  • Avid tournament-goer
  • Any well-organized, dependable racquetball enthusiast


    The publicist must be prepared to:
  • Handle promotional details of the state organization or event
  • Provide consistent, accurate information in response to media inquiries
  • Offer media support to print and broadcast projects (with needed details, access to players, contact info)
  • Maintain (or be able to retrieve) historical records of state championships
  • Build (or have reliable access to) a player database
  • Be knowledgeable about the participants (defending champions, interesting professions, recovering from injury, etc.)
  • Be able to "pitch" story ideas to media


    Long before the first match begins, the publicist will:
  • Research local and state media contacts
  • Identify main editors, assignment editors, weekend editors
  • Generate mailing, phone, fax and email lists
  • Make telephone contact
  • Send media kit or introductory letter, by mail
  • Send news releases by fax and email
  • Provide his/her "reply" contact info (name, phone numbers, email) for any follow-up inquiries

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