The U.S. National Team was successful in its bid to reclaim the World Cup in August. Photo: James Perez.
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September - October 2002
Volume 13, Number 5

World Championships! The IRF 11th World Championships were played in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the U.S. Team reclaimed the World Cup by a narrow margin over Canada. Staff Coverage
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Head 29th U.S. Junior Olympics
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Choice 7th U.S. OPEN Preview
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Racquetball in America  Racquetball is a uniquely American sport. Football, arguably our country’s biggest sport, is a derivative of European rugby. We just added padding and slowed the game down ... by Tom Rall 
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He's Back ... Rehab Interview with Sudsy Monchik
— by Fran Davis
IRT Line
— by Doug Ganim
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— by Todd Boss
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Sudsy's Magic Show [back issues]
The Backhand Lob Serve 
— by Sudsy Monchik 
Wilson Game Plan
Pack Power in your Punch — by Chris Evon, Derek Robinson & Cliff Swain
Smarter Head
Recovering — by Fran Davis
Ashaway Mains & Crosses
Confessions of a Hybrid Enthusiast 
— by Steve Crandall
Winning Racquetball
Tournament Prep — by
Marcy Lynch
Too Much of a Good Thing 
— by Tim Scheet
Wrist Woes — by Aaron Haydu

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World Junior Championships
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The USRA is accepting applications for Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Leader positions for U.S. National Team appointments. Submit inquiries, or resumes by mail to "USRA Team Staff", Attn: Jim Hiser, 1685 West Uintah, Colorado Springs, CO 80904-2906. Deadline: 10/30/2002.

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