November - December 1998 | Vol. 9, No. 6

Linda Mojer

FROM THE EDITOR: Racquetball Values
by Linda Mojer

Normally I would use this space in our annual holiday edition to offer some warm and fuzzy, sentimental, in-keeping-with-the-season-type of editorial. But I’m just back from National Doubles and I have some other issues.

First, seeing Johnny Hennen “in the house” at Baltimore was such a pleasant surprise, it gave me goosebumps. The last time I saw him I had the same reaction, but for a different reason. Looking like his old self again after a really nasty near-death experience, he’s lively, down-home and as funny as he ever was while he was busy collecting doubles titles with long-time partner Ed Remen. His Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1996 – for that doubles prowess – could well have been his last personal appearance, anywhere. That he played, and won, the Men’s 50+ division this year was as inspirational to me as anything I’ve seen lately.

Did he complain that his opponents had enjoyed the advantage of better health during his absence from competition? Did he resent the hours they had been able to practice while he was forced to first regain and then strengthen his basic motor functions? Did he suggest that someone with better conditioning, or more free time, be ejected from his division? Not that I heard. What I heard was that he, and all of his friends, were just tickled – through and through – that he was able to be there. So ... value your good health.

Second, I had to have “the discussion” again. It made me want to leave the building. One of my opponents was improperly outfitted in the eyeguard department. I admit that she was gracious (thank you), and didn’t appear to hold a grudge, when I asked her to obtain a model that had been ASTM tested to the standard set for racquetball – before the four of us began flailing away. I certainly felt safer and I hope she did too. Imagine my surprise when I overheard suggestions that the only reason for the rule is to generate revenue for the USRA. Gee, we never thought of that! There is no cost to manufacturer’s who wish to have their eyeguards listed – they simply have to certify that their products meet the independent safety standard. Frankly, I appreciate that type of assurance from someone who intends to protect me from blindness. So ... value your eyesight.

The gist? Okay, it’s your basic warm and fuzzy, sentimental, in-keeping-with-the-season-type of editorial (gotcha!) Take care of yourselves. Take care of your friends and family. Enjoy your racquetball in the new year and we’ll all get along just fine as we count down to the new millenium! Happy Holidays ...

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