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Keith Calkins
President, International
Racquetball Federation

Linda Mojer worked for the USRA for many years, and during her tenure the organization made outstanding progress with every project to which she was assigned. The majority of her work was directed toward the publication of Racquetball Magazine. The USRA did not have a magazine until Linda took over the project, and she developed every aspect of the product. The magazine became an excellent publication that opened up our communication of the sport of Racquetball. It is amazing that she was able to publish the magazine with limited staff and financial support, and she made tremendous personal sacrifices in her life to make this project successful.  

Linda is extremely intelligent with a desire to excel in all that she does. Her computer skills are exceptional and her writing skills are wonderful. Her work ethic is powerful and professional. It has been a pleasure working with her for well over a decade. She was always willing to give whatever was needed to meet every deadline she was given.  I know she will excel in her future professional endeavors. She knows how to work with people in a positive manner and enjoys life.

Fran Davis
Clinician, Instructional Writer



I have known and worked with Linda for over the last 15 years. In all the years we have worked together she has been nothing but professional, caring and quite organized. Her creative style and openness to present all types of articles was impressive.
I must say she was very easy to work with as -- no matter what I came to her with -- she was always willing to make it work. I liked her flexibility and willingness to understand each situation as it was and worked with it.
She will be sorely missed by me as well as countless others. She was a tremendous asset to the [RACQUETBALL] magazine. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Doug Ganim
Director of Promotions, HEAD/Penn
Director, U.S. OPEN Championships



I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Mojer for more than ten years on a variety of different levels.  As head of promotions for HEAD/Penn Racquet Sports my responsibilities included advertising for the HEAD and Penn brands.  On a regular basis I dealt with Linda for ad placements, press release submissions, and other items relating to the industry's largest publication, RACQUETBALL Magazine.  I always found Linda to be highly professional and extremely organized.

As the Director of the U.S. OPEN Racquetball Championships I dealt with Linda on nearly a year round basis including collateral material consultations, advertising and PR programs for the event, production of the annual Souvenir Program, website management, on-site marketing and PR functions, and post-event coverage in RACQUETBALL Magazine.  Basically, the very image and public face of the event was in her hands.  Every step of the way Linda proved to be the ideal professional Department Manager that I needed to pull off the sports largest and most prestigious event.

Lastly, as the President of the Ohio Racquetball Association I worked with Linda regularly in her duties as head of communications for the USRA.  I was always truly amazed at the volume of high quality work that was produced from only a two person department.  Linda's ability to brave long hours and manage multiple concurrent tasks was the key to the success of the USRA's communications efforts.


Leslie B. McGuire
Branch Librarian, U.S. Courts Library
of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

Linda Mojer was my colleague when we both worked in the Development Office at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. I was the Director of Development Research and she was the Assistant Director of Foundation Relations. We were a tight-knit group, working together toward the shared goal of a major capital campaign. Many of us have remained in touch through the years, though the group has scattered since 1989.

For several years I had the pleasure of Linda’s company each day and was able to observe her work habits. I know her to be a loyal, honest, creative, thorough, enterprising and productive individual. An excellent writer and articulate speaker, she will rise to every challenge placed before her. 

Linda has a great deal of writing experience, both in the development arena and in her most recent stint as the managing editor of Racquetball Magazine.  She would contribute both to getting the job done as well as to fostering the spirit of camaraderie so important in the workplace. Linda adopts a sense of mission with regard to the task at hand. I can state unqualifiedly that Linda Mojer would be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to have her join its ranks.

Curt Rettke
Collaborator & Friend

I've known and worked with Linda for about the past 15 years while she served in the positions of Editor, Communications/Media Director and Associate Executive Director with the United States Racquetball Association (USRA). My first impression was made of her was when she reinstituted the United States Racquetball Association magazine in 1989 after many years of having no magazine at all. In a very short time frame she was producing an outstanding quality magazine. It's been recognized as one of the best, if not THE best, magazine put out by any National Governing Body (NGB) affiliated with the United States Olympic Committee. She gave the magazine outstanding quality regarding presentation, organization, graphics and content.

In 1996 I called Linda with an idea for my company to help the USRA host a website, a novel idea at the time. Fact was, Linda was already ahead of me and was planning on doing just that. Even though she had no prior website development skills, she had a site up and running within a few months after that phone call with literally no help from me, other than hosting services. In fact, she had two sites up and running. I was very impressed with her ability to learn new skills incredibly quickly. She is very self-motivated and has a clear ability to pick up new skills as necessary in a self-taught manner.

Linda has proven her ability to juggle a lot of responsibilities with the USAR while providing quality services. She has been magazine editor, webmaster of multiple websites, Communications/Media Director, and Associate Executive Director with very limited support staff at the USRA. She was essentially doing the job of at least two people. She is a very productive and dedicated worker who puts her heart into her work.

Lastly, she is a pleasure to work with. She always has a smile and a cheerful attitude. I would highly recommend Linda to any company.

Stan Shaw

I have had the pleasure of working with Linda on both the and websites from 1996-2004. Linda has always performed high quality work with professional results on any project that we have worked on together. Starting as fledgling sites, both were developed into graphically pleasing, content-rich, robust websites – yet they remained simple to navigate.

Linda's initiative and resourcefulness is exemplary, ensuring that the websites were continually kept up to date, as well as assuring their availability. Simply put, if all webmasters were so easy to work with, my life as a web-host would be much easier!

Doug Smith
Owner, Python Racquetball

I have worked with Linda (Mojer) for almost twenty years in the racquetball industry and have nothing but positive things to say about her work ethic, dedication, enthusiasm, professionalism and general business skills. Anyone smart enough to hire Linda would be getting a top-notch employee. 

Luke St. Onge
Director, USOC/IRF Relations, USRA
Secretary General, IRF/PARC
General Manager, Lynmar Racquet Club



It is my pleasure to give my recommendation for Linda Mojer. I have known and worked with Linda since 1984, and hired her to the United States Racquetball Association in 1989. I was then the USRA's Executive Director and Linda worked directly for me as a department head in charge of communications.

Under Linda's management, Racquetball Magazine was resurrected into the premier magazine of our industry, featuring 72 full-color pages of high quality content on a bimonthly schedule. Linda also developed the USRA's website(s) and was responsible for all press releases and official communications, as well as coverage of all USRA major events.

Linda managed her department in a most professional manner and both the website and the magazine projects operated in the black. Linda was able to accomplish all of this with only one assistant who developed copy for the magazine, and it was not unusual for Linda to put in a 50-70 hour week and never complain about her work load.

Linda is a very talented and resourceful person who would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Ed Willis
President, Team Ed, Inc.
Professional Event Management



I have worked with Linda Mojer for many years now in my capacity as a tournament director, as Commissioner of the Women’s International Racquetball Tour and the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour, as a U.S. Open staff member, and as a member of the USRA Board of Directors.

I have found Linda to be driven, creative, passionate about her work and hobbies, professional, courteous, and very pleasant to work with in just about every circumstance you can imagine. As a person, an employee, co-worker or friend you can not do better than Linda Mojer. She has my highest recommendation.

Scott Winters
General Manager, Indoor Court Sports
Ektelon -- Prince Sports, Inc.



I have known Linda Mojer for the past 15 years. During this time I have worked with her as part of the USRA staff at various events and participated in her advertising programs with the sports' only publication, Racquetball Magazine. In my opinion, Linda was the pioneer of Racquetball Magazine. She is one of the most dedicated and loyal professionals I have ever met. Someone who demonstrated to me that she is a tireless worker who continually strives for perfection.

Pamela Wuichet
Senior Partner, Project Resource Group



I am writing to provide a reference for Linda Mojer, with whom I worked in the Rollins College development office for several years. I was director of Foundation Relations, with Linda serving as associate director. We also coordinated Sponsored Programs for the Rollins faculty.

Our experience at Rollins was at the beginning of the College’s systematic efforts to gain foundation support, especially at the national level, with the Office of Foundation Relations first established during our tenure. We were most successful in this endeavor. Not only did Rollins receive one of the first two grants in the Southeast from the W. M. Keck Foundation, but also major grants from the Olin Foundation, Kresge Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Science Foundation, and other significant sources.

Linda was a superb member of the development team. She worked well with faculty, administrators, other members of the development office and donors.  Her ability to communicate effectively – in writing and personally – with internal and external audiences was a particularly strong asset. This included writing a number of winning proposals, as well as drafting correspondence, donor briefings and other essential documents for College officials and board members. 

I would not hesitate to work again with Linda, who remains a close friend, and certainly would recommend her for any position she is seeking that would take advantage of her exceptional communications skills! 

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