1998 Pro Kennex IRF X World Junior
Racquetball Championships

Fountain Valley, California: December 18-22

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U.S. Junior National Team Wins Eighth Consecutive World Team Title
California's Rocky Carson (Santa Maria) dominated the boy's 18-and-under singles bracket - allowing an average of only 5.7 points per 15-point game - en route to his third consecutive world crown at the Pro Kennex IRF World Junior Championships in Fountain Valley, Calif., this past Dec. 18-22. The Saddleback (Calif.) College sophomore won each of his matches without losing a single game.

The top-seeded Carson toppled No. 7 seed Josh Tucker (Joplin, Mo.) 15-7, 15-3 in the finals. Carson, who finished second in the boy's 18-and-under doubles bracket with Tucker (losing to James Ford and Ryan Staten, 15-11, 15-6), finished his junior career with five world championships.

Carson tied Sudsy Monchik's record for the most world junior singles titles won in a division when the current U.S. OPEN champion captured three boy's 18's crowns from 1991-93.

U.S. TEAM AGAIN -- The U.S. Junior National Team won its eighth consecutive world team championship. This year, the Americans outdistanced Mexico, 1,494.5 to 938. Canada (505) finished third, while Ireland tallied 109 and Costa Rica had nine. It was Ireland's first-ever appearance at the IRF World Junior Championships. Only countries with both a boy's and girl's team is eligible for an overall team finish.

VANDY'S DANDY -- Ohio's Shane Vanderson (Dublin) continues to add to his record for most world junior gold medals. Vanderson downed Mexico's Erwin Bernal 15-2, 13-15, 11-5 in the finals of the boy's 16-and-under division. The young Buckeye now owns 12 world junior crowns. Current juniors Jack Huczek (Rochester Hills, Mich.) and Karina Odegard (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) are resting in second place with 10 titles apiece. Huczek won this year's 14-and-under singles and doubles championships, while Odegard took the girl's 16-and-under singles, 18-and-under doubles and mixed 18-and-under doubles titles.

SASSY SIBLINGS -- Saskatoon's Kris and Karina Odegard have earned more first-place finishes at the world juniors than any other sibling duo. The two teamed to win the mixed 18-and-under doubles championship by defeating Christina Lewendal (Beaverton, Ore.) and Willie Tilton (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 15-6, 15-14.

HUCZEK WON'T CRACK -- For the seventh consecutive year, Jack Huczek (Rochester Hills, Mich.) won his age division's singles title. This year, Huczek cruised through another bracket without worry, finally finishing with a 15-4, 15-7 victory over Oregon's Bart Crawford (Klamath Falls). Huczek could very well be the most dominating junior racquetball player in history. His seven world junior singles titles are the most of any player except Karina Odegard, who also owns seven.

KERR FOR SURE -- Canada's Lisa Kerr (White Rock, B.C.) successfully defended her 1997 girl's 18-and-under belt with a hard-fought 15-6, 11-15, 11-8 win over Brook Crawford (Klamath Falls, Ore.) in the finals. With partner Karina Odegard, Kerr came back to down Crawford and Katie Gould (Huntington Beach, Calif.) in the girl's 18-and-under doubles final, 13-15, 15-5, 11-2.

MEXICAN YOUTH UPRISING -- Mexico swept the boy's 12-, 10-, 8- and 8-and-under multi-bounce singles titles as Juan Arzate (Chihuahua) took the 12's, David Ortega (Chihuahua) earned his sixth world junior crown as he won the 10's and Ruben Estrada (Chihuahua) captured both 8-and-under brackets. The young Mexican players were also victorious in the boy's 12- and 10-and-under doubles divisions.

boy's singles

BOY'S 18- SINGLES Finals: [1] Rocky Carson (Santa Maria, Calif.) def. [7] Josh Tucker (Joplin, Mo.), 15-7, 15-3. Third-place: [12] Willie Tilton (Colorado Springs, Colo.) def. [6] Ryan Staten (Dodge City, Kan.), 13-15, 15-14, 11-5.

BOY'S 16- SINGLES Finals: [1] Shane Vanderson (Dublin, Ohio) def. [2] Ewrin Bernal (Chihuahua, Mexico), 15-2, 12-15, 11-5. Third-place: [4] Hector Urquidi (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. [11] Scott Foster (Pleasanton, Calif.), 3-15, 15-11, 11-8.

BOY'S 14- SINGLES Finals: [1] Jack Huczek (Rochester Hills, Mich.) def. [6] Bart Crawford (Klamath Falls, Ore.), 15-4, 15-7. Third-place: Cory Martin (Kenosha, Wis.) def. [7] Santiago Canedo (Cochabamba, Bolivia), 15-13, 14-15, 11-5.

BOY'S 12- SINGLES Finals: Juan Arzate (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. Augustin Tristan (San Luis Potosi, Mexico), 15-4, 15-8. Third-place: Dan Sheppick (Milwaukie, Ore.) def. Fernando Kurzbard (Argentina), 15-12, 15-11.

BOY'S 10- SINGLES Finals: David Ortega (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. Chris Coy (Elk City, Okla.), 15-6, 15-10. Third-place: Jose Ramos (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. Nick Arturo (Anchorage, Alaska), 14-15, 15-10, 11-4.

BOY'S 8- SINGLES: Finals: [2] Ruben Estrada (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. [1] Ismael Aldana (Stockton, Calif.), 15-6, 15-9. Third-place: [3] Trevor Smith (Pendleton, Ore.) def. [4] John Sanderson (Park City, Utah), 15-12, 15-5.

BOY'S 8- MULTI-BOUNCE SINGLES Finals: [1] Ruben Estrada (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. [3] Rodolfo Rodriguez (San Luis Potosi, Mexico), 11-4, 11-0. Third-place: [2] John Sanderson (Park City, Utah) def. William Lee (Baton Rouge, La.), 11-10, 11-1.

BOY'S 6- MULTI-BOUNCE SINGLES Finals: [2] Jake Brendenbeck (New Brighton, Minn.) def. Eduardo Hernandez (Chihuahua, Mexico), 11-6, 11-5. Third-place: Joseph Lee (Baton Rouge, La.) def. [3] Jaime Hartel (Chihuahua, Mexico), 11-7, 7-11, 11-6.

girl's singles

GIRL'S 18- SINGLES Finals: Lisa Kerr (White Rock, B.C., Canada) def. Brooke Crawford (Klamath Falls, Ore.), 15-6, 11-15, 11-8. Third-place: Julie Neubauer (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) def. Sara Borland (Bettendorf, Iowa), 15-13, 3-15, 11-10.

GIRL'S 16- SINGLES: Finals: Karina Odegard (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) def. Veronique Guillemette (Deauville, Quebec, Canada), 15-4, 15-5. Third-place: Lindsay Deutsch (Houston, Texas) def. Genevieve Brodeur (Ste Rosalie, Quebec, Canada), 15-13, 15-12.

GIRL'S 14- SINGLES Finals: [1] Crystal Winfrey (Powell, Ohio) def. Adrienne Fisher (Dayton, Ohio), 15-14, 15-9. Third-place: [4] Lindsay Deutsch (Houston, Texas) def. Janel Tisinger (Canoga Park, Calif.), 15-4, 15-14.

GIRL'S 12- SINGLES Finals: [1] Adrienne Fisher (Dayton, Ohio) def. [3] Derai Darling (Seaside, Ore.), 15-11, 15-7. Third-place: [4] Nancy Enriquez (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. [7] Jesi Fuller (Albuquerque, N.M.), 15-10, 15-11.

GIRL'S 10- SINGLES Finals: Ashley Willhite (Klamath Falls, Ore.) def. Marcela Moreno (Chihuahua, Mexico), 15-10, 6-15, 11-5. Third-place: Lorena Villarreal (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. Dannielle Pimental (Klamath Falls, Ore.), 15-3, 15-6.

GIRL'S 8- SINGLES Round Robin Final Results: 1. Shannon Inglesby (Portland, Ore.) def. 2. Alejandra Licon (Chihuahua, Mexico) 6-15, 15-13, 11-7; 3. Jennifer Fenton (Portland, Ore.); 4. Brittany Legget (Klamath Falls, Ore.).

GIRL'S 8- MULTI-BOUNCE SINGLES Round Robin Final Results: 1. Shannon Inglesby (Portland, Ore.) def. 2. Emily Melgaard (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)15-2, 15-0; 3. Kaitlin Inglesby (Portland, Ore.).

GIRL'S 6- MULTI-BOUNCE SINGLES Round Robin Final Results: 1. Kaitlin Inglesby (Portland, Ore.)def. 2. Tia Smith (Pendleton, Ore.) 15-3, 15-5; 3. Amy Willhite (Klamath Falls, Ore.).

boy's doubles

BOY'S 18- DOUBLES Finals: [6] James Ford (Riverton, Wyo.)/Ryan Staten (Dodge City, Kan.) def. [1] Rocky Carson (Santa Maria, Calif.)/Josh Tucker (Joplin, Mo.), 15-11, 15-6. Third-place: [2] Cesar Carrillo/Cesar Urquidi (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. [4] Jason Bronson (Glendale, Ariz.)/Matt Gehling (Annapolis, Md.), 15-10, 15-10.

BOY'S 16- DOUBLES Finals: [6] Scott Foster (Pleasanton, Calif.)/Stephen Lewis (Kennewick, Wash.) def. [1] Matthew McElhiney (Bradenton, Fla.)/Shane Vanderson (Dublin, Ohio), 15-12, 8-15, 11-1. Third-place: [2] Erwin Bernal/Hector Urquidi (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. Grant Barker (Liberty, Mo.)/Mike Harmon (Sarasota, Fla.), 15-7, 15-14.

BOY'S 14- DOUBLES Finals: [1] Bart Crawford (Klamath Falls, Ore.)/Jack Huczek (Rochester Hills, Mich.) def. [3] Trevor Crowe (Portland, Ore.)/Cory Martin (Kenosha, Wis.), 15-10, 15-14. Third-place: Eduardo Orteaga/Jose Vidales (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. Erik Leetch (Siloam Springs, Ark.)/Ryan Lindell (Beaverton, Ore.), 15-5, 7-15, 11-6.

BOY'S 12- DOUBLES Finals: [6] Jesus Jasso (Chihuahua, Mexico)/Agustin Tristan (San Luis Potosi, Mexico) def. [1] Juan Arzate/Cesar Guzman (Chihuahua, Mexico), 15-5, 15-8. Third-place: [7] Joey Lakowske (Corvallis, Ore.)/Dan Sheppick (Milwaukie, Ore.) def. [5] Matthew Howell (Bolling AFB, D.C.)/Charlie Pratt (Portland, Ore.), 15-7, 15-8.

BOY'S 10- DOUBLES Finals: [1] David Ortega/Jose Ramos (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. [2] Chris Coy (Elk City, Okla.)/David Lewis (Aurora, Colo.), 15-11, 15-11. Third-place: [5] Andrew Grissom (San Jose, Calif.)/Mike Keddie (Manchester, N.H.) def. Emmanuel Gonzalez/Alejandro Hernandez (Chihuahua, Mexico), 15-2, 15-3.

girl's doubles

GIRL'S 18- DOUBLES Finals: [1] Lisa Kerr (White Rock, B.C., Canada)/Karina Odegard (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) def. [2] Brooke Crawford (Klamath Falls, Ore.)/Katie Gould (Huntington Beach, Calif.), 14-15, 15-5, 11-2. Third-place: [4] Sara Borland (Bettendorf, Iowa)/Dionna Brown (Daly City, Calif.) def. [3] Tania Anguiano (San Luis Potosi, Mexico)/Meghan Guardiani (Marlboro, Mass.), 15-6, 15-4.

GIRL'S 16- DOUBLES Finals: [1] Krystal Csuk (Naperville, Ill.)/Kristen Walsh (Salt Lake City, Utah) def. [2] Genevieve Brodeur (Ste. Rosalie, Quebec, Canada)/Veronique Guillemette (Deauville, Quebec, Canada), 15-13, 15-5. Third-place: Christie Riley (Upland, Calif.)/Janel Tisinger (Canoga Park, Calif.) def. Lauren Deutsch (Houston, Texas)/Kristen Kovar (Lincoln, Neb.), 15-12, 15-13.

GIRL'S 14- DOUBLES Round Robin Final Results: 1. Molly Law (Denver, Colo.)/Crystal Winfrey (Powell, Ohio) def. 2. Erica Beaudry (Pueblo, Colo.)/Carolina Prieto (Chihuahua, Mexico) by forfeit; 3. Siobhan Doherty/Mairead Hickey (Ireland).

GIRL'S 12- DOUBLES Finals: [1] Derai Darling (Seaside, Ore.)/Jesi Fuller (Albuquerque, N.M.) def. [2] Brandi Jacobson Prentice/Alison Schlichemeyer (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada), 15-4, 15-5. Third-place: Kelley Fisher (Dayton, Ohio)/Cari Mitlitsky (Fresh Meadows, N.Y.) def. [4] Ashley Legget (Klamath Falls, Ore.)/Ashley Willhite (Klamath Falls, Ore.), 15-13, 15-8.

GIRL'S 10- DOUBLES Round Robin Final Results: 1. Eleni Guzman/Marcela Moreno (Chihuahua, Mexico) def. 2. Alejandra Licon/Lorena Villarreal (Chihuahua, Mexico) 15-2, 15-7; 3. Brittany Legget/Dannielle Pimental (Klamath Falls, Ore.); 4. Paulina Aldrete/Rebeca Tristan (San Luis Potosi, Mexico).

mixed doubles

MIXED 18- DOUBLES Finals: [1] Karina Odegard/Kris Odegard (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) def. [2] Christina Lewendal (Beaverton, Ore.)/Willie Tilton (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 15-6, 15-14. Third-place: Davina Bloom (Gainesville, Fla.)/Matt Gehling (Annapolis, Md.) def. Meghan Guardiani (Marlboro, Mass.)/John Churchwell (Anderson, Calif.), 15-11, 10-15, 11-1.

MIXED 16- DOUBLES Finals: Ruth Beecher (Ireland)/Brent Walters (Fayetteville, N.C.) def. [1] Veronique Guillemette (Deauville, Quebec, Canada)/Vincent Gagnon (Longueuil, Quebec, Canada), 15-14, 6-15, 11-3. Third-place: Genevieve Brodeur (Ste. Rosalie, Quebec, Canada)/Charles Chouinard (Rock Forest, Quebec, Canada) def. Jeni Fuller (Albuquerque, N.M.)/Mike Harmon (Sarasota, Fla.), 15-14, 7-15, 11-9.

MIXED 14- DOUBLES Finals: [1] Adrienne Fisher (Dayton, Ohio)/Cory Martin (Kenosha, Wis.) def. Janel Tisinger (Canoga Park, Calif.)/Bobby Quintana (Walnut, Calif.), 15-8, 15-14. Third-place: Jenny Cary (Hillsboro, Ore.)/Ryan Lindell (Beaverton, Ore.) def. [3] Erica Beaudry (Pueblo, Colo.)/Justin Jones (Cincinnati, Ohio), 15-9, 10-15, 11-7.

MIXED 12- DOUBLES Finals: [2] Derai Darling (Seaside, Ore.)/Dan Sheppick (Milwaukie, Ore.) def. [1] Nancy Enriquez (Chihuahua, Mexico)/Agustin Tristan (San Luis Potosi, Mexico), 15-7, 12-15, 11-9. Third-place: Jesi Fuller (Albuquerque, N.M.)/Nicholas Rowley (Mesa, Ariz.) def. Brandie Hanson (Klamath Falls, Ore.)/Charlie Pratt (Portland, Ore.), 0-15, 15-14, 11-10.

MIXED 10- DOUBLES Finals: [2] Ashley Willhite (Klamath Falls, Ore.)/Nick Arturo (Anchorage, Alaska) def. [4] Katie Marshall (Fremont, Calif.)/Andrew Grissom (San Jose, Calif.), 15-2, 15-13. Third-place: [1] Rebeca Tristan/Hugo Martinez (San Luis Potosi, Mexico) def. Kara Mazur (Avon, Conn.)/Mike Keddie (Manchester, N.H.), 15-9, 10-15, 11-4.

team results

Overall Team Results: 1. United States 1,494.5; 2. Mexico 938; 3. Canada 505; 4. Ireland 109; 5. Venezuela 96; 6. Colombia 73; 7. Argentina 60; 8. Bolivia 50; 9. Costa Rica 9; 10. Dominican Republic 0.
Boy's Team Results: 1. United States 975.5; 2. Mexico 757; 3. Canada 200; 4. Ireland 97; 5. Venezuela 96; 6. Colombia 73; 7. Argentina 60; 8. Bolivia 50; 9. Costa Rica 8; 10. Dominican Republic 0.
Girl's Team Results: 1. United States 519; 2. Canada 305; 3. Mexico 181; 4. Ireland 12; 5. Costa Rica 1; 6. Dominican Republic 0.

top finishers

BOY'S 18- Singles
1. Rocky Carson (USA)
2. Josh Tucker (USA)
3. Willie Tilton (USA)
4. Ryan Staten (USA)
James Ford (USA)
Kam Barteski (CAN)
Jeff Garner (USA)
Kris Odegard (CAN
Blue: Cesar Urquidi (MEX)
Red: Cesar Carillo (MEX)
White: Jesse Keaveny (USA)

Boy's 16- Singles
1. Shane Vanderson (USA)
2. Erwin Bernal (MEX)
3. Hector Urquidi (MEX)
4. Scott Foster (USA)
Mitch William (USA)
Matthew McElhiney (USA)
Brent Walters (USA)
Stephen Lewis (USA)
Blue: Jesus Gutierrez (MEX)
Red: Andy Hawthorne (USA)
White: Daniel Bratt (USA)

Boy's 14- Singles
1. Jack Huczek (USA)
2. Bart Crawford (USA)
3. Cory Martin (USA)
4. Santiago Candeo (Bol)
Eric Leetch (USA)
Bernard Dorman (USA)
Steve Klaiman (USA)
Marcelo Laprea (VEN)
Blue: Carlos Bachmeister (MEX)
Red: Ever Gonzalez (MEX)
White: Edward Pinedo (COL)

Boy's 12- Singles
1. Juan Arzarte (MEX)
2. Augustin Tristan (MEX)
3. Dan Sheppick (USA)
4. Fernando Kurzbard (ARG)
Karlo Martinez (MEX)
Jesus Jasso (MEX)
Cesar Guzman (MEX)
Eric Desrochers (CAN)
Blue: Charlie Pratt (USA)
Red: Joey Lakowske (USA)
White: Joaquin Solera (VEN)

Boy's 10- Singles 
1. David Ortega (MEX)
2. Chris Coy (USA)
3. Jose Ramos (MEX)
4. Nick Arturo (USA)
Andrew Grissom (USA)
Mike Keddie (USA)
Fritz Bischoff (COL)
David Lewis (USA)
Blue: Seamus Power (IRL)
Red: Edson Martinez (MEX)
White: Bryce Milakovich (USA)

Boy's 8- Singles
1. Ruben Estrada (MEX)
2. Ismael Aldana (USA)
3. Trevor Smith (USA)
4. John Sanderson (USA)
Matthew Keddie (USA)
Jonathan Doyle (USA)
Jake Bredenbeck (USA)
Avery Zuck (USA)
Blue: Avery Zuck (USA)
Red: Jansen Allen (USA)
White: Skip Trowbridge (USA)

Boy's 8- Multi-Bounce
1. Ruben Estrada (MEX)
2. Rodolfo Rodriguez (MEX)
3. John Sanderson (USA)
4. William Lee (USA)
Avery Zuck (USA)
Korey Walsh (USA)
Robert Martinez (USA)
Joseph Lee (USA)
Blue: Avery Zuck (USA)
Red: Matthew Keddie (USA)
White: Mathieu Grand'Maitre (CAN)

Boy's 6- Multi-Bounce
1. Jake Bredenbeck (USA)
2. Eduardo Hernandez (MEX)
3. Joseph Lee (USA)
4. Jamie Hartel (MEX)
Red:  Austin Zuck (USA)

GIRL'S 18- Singles
1. Lisa Kerr (CAN)
2. Brooke Crawford (USA)
3. Julie Neubauer (CAN)
4. Sara Borland (USA)
Katie Gould (USA)
Dionna Brown (USA)
Tania Anguiaro (MEX)
Michelle Gonzalez (USA)
Blue: Dionna Brown (USA)
Red: Liana Kerwood (USA)
White: Christina Lewendal (USA)

Girl's 16- Singles 
1. Karina Odegard (CAN)
2. Veronique Guillemette (CAN)
3. Lindsay Deutsch (USA)
4. Genevieve Brodeur (CAN)
Kristen Kovar (USA)
Kristen Walsh (USA)
Lauren Deutsch (USA)
Krystal Csuk (USA)
Blue: Kristen Walsh (USA)
Red: Adva Buzi (USA)
White: Michelle Gonzalez (USA)

Girl's 14- Singles
1. Crystal Winfrey (USA)
2. Adrienne Fisher (USA)
3. Lindsay Deutsch (USA)
4. Janel Tisinger (USA)
Erica Beaudry (USA)
Carolina Prieto (MEX)
Molly Law (USA)
Jeny Cary (USA)
Blue: Molly Law (USA)
Red: Jeni Fuller (USA)
White: Stephanie Oteyza (CAN)

Girl's 12- Singles
1. Adrienne Fisher (USA)
2. Derai Darling (USA)
3. Nancy Enriquez (MEX)
4. Jesi Fuller (USA)
Alison Schlichemeyer (CAN)
Tiara Johnson (CAN)
Brandie Hanson (USA)
Brandi Jacobson Prentice (CAN)
Blue: Brandi Jacobson Prentice (CAN)
Red: Cari Mitlitsky (USA)
White: Elizabeth Ferguson (USA)

Girl's 10- Singles
1. Ashley Willhite (USA)
2. Marcela Moreno (MEX)
3. Lorena Villareal (MEX)
4. Danielle Pimental (USA)
Liz Taylor (USA)
Paulina Aldrete (MEX)
Rebeca Tristan (MEX)
Eleni Guzman (MEX)
Blue: Eleni Guzman (MEX)
Red: Kara Mazur (USA)

Girl's 8- Singles 
1. Shannon Inglesby (USA)
2. Alejandra Licon (MEX)
3. Jennifer Fenton (USA)
4. Brittany Legget (USA)

Girl's 8- Multi-Bounce
1. Shannon Inglesby (USA)
2. Emily Melgaard (USA)
3. Kaitlin Inglesby (USA)

Girl's 6- Multi-Bounce
1. Kaitlin Inglesby (USA)
2. Tia Smith (USA)
3. Amy Willhite (USA)

BOY'S 18- Doubles
1. James Ford/Ryan Staten (USA)
2. Rocky Carson/Josh Tucker (USA)
3. Cesar Carillo/Cesar Urquidi (MEX)
4. Jason Bronson/Matt Gehling (USA)

Boy's 16- Doubles
1. Scott Foster/Stephen Lewis (USA)
2. Matthew McElhiney/Shane Vanderson (USA)
3. Erwin Bernal/Hector Urquidi (MEX)
4. Grant Barker/Mike Harmon (USA)

Boy's 14- Doubles
1. Bart Crawford/Bart Crawford (USA)
2. Trevor Crowe/Cory Martin (USA)
3. Eduardo Orteaga/Josua Vidales (MEX)
4. Erik Leetch/Ryan Lindell (USA)

Boy's 12- Doubles
1. Jesus Jasso/Augustin Tristan (MEX)
2. Juan Arzate/Cesar Guzman (MEX)
3. Joey Lakowske/Dan Sheppick (USA)
4. Matt Howell/Charlie Pratt (USA)

Boy's 10- Doubles
1. David Ortega/Jose Ramos (MEX)
2. Chris Coy/David Lewis (USA)
3. Andrew Grissom/Mike Keddie (USA)
4. Emmanuel Gonzalez/Alejandro Hernandez (MEX)

GIRL'S 18- Doubles
1. Lisa Kerr/Karina Odegard (CAN)
2. Brooke Crawford/Katie Gould (USA)
3. Sara Borland/Dionna Brown (USA)
4. Tania Anguiano (MEX)/Meghan Guardiani (USA)

Girl's 16- Doubles
1. Krystal Csuk/Kristen Walsh (USA)
2. Genevieve Brodeur/Veronique Guillemette (CAN)
3. Christie Riley/Janel Tisinger (USA)
4. Lauren Deutsch/Kristen Kovar (USA)

Girl's 14- Doubles
1. Molly Law/Crystal Winfrey (USA)
2. Erica Beaudry (USA)/Carolina Prieto (MEX)
3. Sioban Doherty/Maired Hickey (IRL)

Girl's 12- Doubles
1. Derai Darling/Jesi Fuller (USA)
2. Brandi Jacobson Prentice/Alison Schlichemeyer (CAN)
3. Kelley Fisher/Cari Mitlitsky (USA)
4. Ashley Legget/Ashley Willhite (USA)

Girl's 10- Doubles
1. Eleni Guzman/Marcela Moreno (MEX)
2. Alejandro Licon/Lorena Villarreal (MEX)
3. Brittany Legget/Dannielle Pimental (USA)
4. Paulina Aldrete/Rebeca Tristan (MEX)

MIXED 18- Doubles
1. Karina Odegard/Kris Odegard (CAN)
2. Christina Lewendal/Willie Tilton (USA)
3. Davina Bloom/Matt Gehling (USA)
4. Meghan Guardiani/John Churchwell (USA)

Mixed 16- Doubles
1. Ruth Beecher/Brent Walters (USA)
2. Veronique Guillemette/Vincent Gagnon (CAN)
3. Genevieve Brodeur/Charlese Chouinard (CAN)
4. Jeni Fuller/Mike Harmon (USA)

Mixed 14- Doubles
1. Adrienne Fisher/Cory Martin (USA)
2. Janel Tisinger/Bobby Quintana (USA)
3. Jeny Cary/Ryan Lindell (USA)
4. Erica Beaudry/Justin Jones (USA)

Mixed 12- Doubles
1. Derai Darling/Dan Sheppick (USA)
2. Nancy Enriquez/Augustin Tristan (MEX)
3. Jesi Fuller/Nicholas Rowley (USA)
4. Brandie Hanson/Charlie Pratt (USA)

Mixed 10- Doubles
1. Ashley Willhite/Nick Arturo (USA)
2. Katie Marshall/Andrew Grissom (USA)
3. Rebeca Tristan/Hugo Martinez (MEX)
4. Kara Mazur/Mike Keddie (USA)
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