Sudsy's Magic Show: INDEX

Sudsy Monchik began an instructional series in RACQUETBALL, in the March/April 1999 edition. Following is an index of his articles, the topics he has covered, along with links to online versions of his "Magic Show" lessons. This material remains copyrighted and may not be downloaded for print re-distribution, but full page views of selected, previously published instructionals can be viewed online.

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2003 January/February: The Backhand Drive Serve
March/April: The Overhead Z & Jam Serves
May/June: Relocating out of the Box
2002 January/February: Watching the Ball
March/April: The Cut-Off
May/June:The Overhead Pass
July/August: The Drive Z Serve
September/October: The Backhand Lob Serve
November/December: The Short Hop

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2001 January/February: The Dive
March/April: The Jump
May/June: Proper Contact Point
July/August: Pass, Pass-Kill, Kill
September/October: Pinch & Reverse Pinch
November/December: The Three Passes
2000 January/February: Return of Serve
March/April: Center Court
May/June: Ceiling Balls
July/August: Off the Back Wall
September/October: The "Z" Shot
November/December: The Splat
1999 March/April: The Power Backhand
May/June: The Power Forehand
July/August: The Power Drive Serve
September/October: The Lob Serve
November/December: Service Variety

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