Featured instructional articles authored by sponsored players of the major manufacturers are published in RACQUETBALL. The following is an index of topics covered, by issue, with links to available text and photos. This material remains copyrighted and may not be downloaded for print re-distribution, but full page views of the printed instructional series can be viewed online.

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2002 January/February: The Power Crossover, by Tim Doyle
March/April: The Travers Slice Serve, by Tom Travers
2001 November/December: Tim Doyle's Monster Drive Serve, by Tim Doyle

2003 January/February: Backhand Mechanics, by Kersten Hallander
2002 January/February: The Lob Serve, by Mike Guidry
March/April: Crossover Lunge Drill, by Kersten Hallander
May/June: Zig-Zag Drill, by Kersten Hallander
July/August: Early Racquet Prep, by Kersten Hallander
November/December: Forehand Mechanics, by Kersten Hallander
2001 January/February: Keeping your Balance, by Mike Guidry
March/April: The Forgotten Ceiling Ball, by Mike Guidry
September/October: Footwork Drills, by Kersten Hallander
November/December: Watch & Cover, by Kersten Hallander
2000 January/February: Revive your Passing Game, by Andy Roberts & Ruben Gonzalez
1999 November/December: Practice Tips, by Andy Roberts
1998 January/February: Evolution of the Forehand, by Mike Guidry
March/April: Evolution of the Backhand, by Mike Guidry
May/June: Evolution of the Service Return, by Mike Guidry
July/August: Effective Service Motion, by Andy Roberts
September/October: Return of Serve, by Andy Roberts
November/December: AmPRO Court Coverage for Doubles, by Jim Hiser

2003 March/April: Drop & Hit Drill, by Mike Ceresia

By Sudsy Monchik | see separate "Magic Show" Index 
By Fran Davis | listed below 
2003 January/February: Coaching Tips
March/April: Dealing with Distraction
May/June: Negative Self-Talk
2002 January/February: Visualization
March/April: Game Strategies
May/June: In the Zone
July/August: Service Strategy
September/October: Recover Properly
November/December: Pre-Game Planning
2001 January/February: Goal Setting
March/April: Return of Serve
May/June: Proper Warm Up
July/August: Shot Selection
September/October: Maximize your Natural Ability
November/December: Be in the Now
2000 January/February: Drill for Consistency
March/April: Be Less Predictable
May/June: Start Lessons Early
September/October: Drilling Alternatives
November/December: Improve your Service Game
1999 January/February: Mental Recovery
March/April: Mental Toughness
May/June: Shot Selection ABCs
September/October: Pass or Kill? 
1998 May/June: Develop a Winning Game Plan
July/August: Preparing for a new Season
November/December: Warm-Up Tips
1997 January/February: The Making of a Champion, with Diana McNab 
March/April: How to Create Passion in your Game and Life, with Diana McNab
May/June: How to Handle an Injury, with Diana McNab
July/August: Choking, Slumps & Burnout, with Diana McNab
November/December: Playing a Mystery Opponent
1996 January/February: Adversity and Making a Comeback, with Diana McNab
May/June: Body Language, the Silent Message, with Diana McNab
July/August: How Mentally Tough are You? with Diana McNab
November/December: Getting Ready for the Big One, with Diana McNab
1995 January/February: Always put Safety First
March/April: Playing Scared, with Diana McNab
May/June: Visualization, with Diana McNab
July/August: Are you Feeling Burned Out? with Diana McNab
September/October: Creating your Dream by Goal-Setting, with Diana McNab
November/December: Pre-Game Psyche Plan, with Diana McNab
1994 January/February: Formulating a Game Plan, II
March/April: Formulating a Game Plan, III
May/June: The Emotional State of the Game, with Learned Clark
July/August: Practice to Improve; Play to Win
September/October: Make your Opponents Pay for Mistakes
November/December: Do your Homework
1993 January/February: The Lob Serve
March/April: Return of Serve
May/June: Shot Selection
July/August: Don't Sit on a Big Lead
September/October: Play the Ball, not your Opponent
November/December: Formulating a Game Plan I
1992 January/February: The Z Shot [Series #8]
March/April: The Ready Position [Series #9]
May/June: Proper Footwork [Series #10]
July/August: The Serves [Series #11]
September/October: The Drive Serve [Series #12]
November/December: The Drive-Z Serve [Series #13]
1991 January/February: The Backhand
March/April: Off the Back Wall
May/June: Passes & Kill Shots [Series #4]
July/August: Pinches & Splats [Series #5]
September/October: Defensive Shots [Series #6]
November/December: Around the Wall Ball [Series #7]
1990 September/October: Build the Basics [Vol.1, No.1]
November/December: The Forehand

2003 January/February: Pack some Punch in your Shots, by Chris Evon & Cliff Swain
March/April: Swing Away! by Evon, Swain & Robinson
May/June: Good Racquet Prep & More Control, by Evon, Swain & Robinson
2002 May/June: Practice with a Purpose, by Chris Evon with Cliff Swain & Derek Robinson
July/August: Practice with Purpose II: Pinch, by Evon with Robinson
September/October: Packing more Power, by Evon with Swain & Robinson
November/December: Getting out of the Box, by Evon & Swain
2001 January/February: Splat Shot, by Lynn Adams & Derek Robinson
May/June: The Coffee Table Drill, by Lynn Adams & Cliff Swain
July/August: The Ceiling Ball, by Lynn Adams & Derek Robinson
2000 March/April: Batter Up! by Lynn Adams & Cliff Swain
May/June: Return of Serve, by Lynn Adams
July/August: Lob Serve, by Lynn Adams & Derek Robinson
September/October: More Power! by Lynn Adams & Cliff Swain
November/December: Back Wall Play, by Lynn Adams
1999 January/February: A Winning Drive Serve, by Cliff Swain 
July/August: The Overhead, by Derek Robinson

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