September - October 2001
Vol. 12, No. 5 | Contents

FROM THE EDITOR: What? No ... what?
by Linda Mojer

At last ... I’ve discovered a practical, good and well-thought-out rationale for the procrastination that routinely leaves the ceremonial “writing of the editorial” until dead last. By the time I get to it, I’m so relieved at having the issue finished that I can relax and write about ... what? What? No really, I’m asking ... what? 

I may be relieved, but now my brain is empty. Could we announce the new season? Done that (year in, year out). Preview the issue? Bored with that. It’s all about me (me,me,me,me)? Over that. It’s all about you? It’s always that. Hmmm ... I just beat you up about debating your membership dues in the last issue, so it can’t be that (not so soon). I’m running out of options here ...

So let’s play a game. I’ll go to the closet and dig out the September/ October issue from ten years ago (you wait here, no peeking) and we’ll reminisce. Okay, I’m back, and I’m going to slit my wrists. The Volume 2, Number 5 edition is pink. No kidding — hot pink. The cover story was the U.S. Olympic Festival in Los Angeles, and we were still printing the “guts” of the book, in black and white, on newsprint. Yuck. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea ... 

Well, what’s that “history, and being condemned to repeat it” thing? Perhaps we should dirty our hands with a little newsprint ink. Inside the pepto-issue we covered the one-time-only National Outdoor 3-Wall Championships in Florida (winners Brian Hawkes & Martha McDonald); the Junior Olympics (winners John Ellis & Elkova Icenogle); the original U.S. Junior Team Trials and “diaries”; PARI instructional; and announced the new hire of Membership Director Kevin Joyce (with mustache). Ohio’s Doug Ganim and Elaine Hooghe topped the Open rankings, and Luke’s column described the most exciting time in our sport’s history(!). Our full-page advertisers were E-Force, Ektelon, Leader, and camps by Fran Davis (with Stu Hastings) and Jack Newman. Everyone looked much younger ...

What does it all mean? Well, now that we’re all the way down here, it doesn’t mean that the cover shown at right is the one we’re talking about (although it is pink-ish). It means that racquetball, like everything else, has its cycles and from time to time, we’ll take a look at them. When a youngster decides to take a shot at being No.1 on the pro tour, we’ll see who else shared that goal, and when [Jan/Feb ‘95]. By looking back, maybe we’ll learn more about how best to look forward. We’ve got a lot going on, a bright future and it’s all good. And I just have to say it: Welcome to the new season!

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