March - April 2000 | Vol. 11, No. 2
Linda Mojer

What was I Talking about Again?
by Linda Mojer

I really hate that my memory is going. I mean, really. Hate. It. Particularly when it comes to filling in this absolutely last spot in each magazine, and I’m at a complete loss for recalling even one fascinating subject that caught my attention over the past eight weeks. It should be simple, after all. Just partial recall of one of those situations that made me smile, roll my eyes, smack my forehead and say “that would make a great editorial!” would do it. An inkling. A germ. A brain cell on its last legs.

Instead, I have to check my calendar, backtrack to the last time I was in this situation and hope for the best. What have I been up to? Has anyone bent my ear lately? Could it have been any one of those incredibly enthusiastic state association presidents and volunteers at the Leadership Conference last month? Probably. I’ve actually played once or twice in the last fortnight; might one of my opponents have made a noteworthy comment? Maybe. Our websites have been keeping me up nights. Is it possible to talk to yourself in your own sleep? Yikes!

Oh sure, I can always fall back on the standard stuff: ... avoidables! (call ‘em yourself during the week and they won’t be so hard to accept in tournaments); junior development (yes, we need more juniors); sandbagging (have some self-respect and don’t do it); dwindling courts (call AmPRO for help in the fight); history (ask Ruben Gonzalez about his colorful past ...); the sport’s direction (vote for board members); and improving skills (your tutors are ready). You’ll find all this, and more, in this issue.

Now I remember! The web-vs-print debate! Every once in a while (when budgets are being reviewed, now that I think about it), someone comes up with the bright idea that maybe we don’t really need a magazine after all, and we could definitely reduce the association’s costs in that area, big time. The paper! The printing! The postage! The grey hair! Couldn’t we just do it online and reach the same audience? Achieve the same goals? Cover the same subjects? Hmmmm? I don’t know. Are you ready?

So now I’m wondering. Is it possible that racquetball readers are ready to abandon their “hard-copy” in favor of full-tilt cybervision? Turning those pages getting to be too much for you? Or do you prefer the tangible, pick-it-up-off-the-coffee-table form over mouse-surfing to and clicking away? We know that the majority of our readership is net-ready. Yep ... now I really am curious ... and by the way — what was I saying?

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