March - April 1999 | Vol. 10, No. 1

Linda Mojer

FROM THE EDITOR: Another New Division!
by Linda Mojer

Let me say, up front, that I have mixed feelings on many of the arguments surrounding competitive lifestyles. But of course, whenever a situation pertains to me specifically, I feel compelled to give it at least a little extra thought. You know, kind of like when you look at a draw sheet to find that you’ll feed into someone from your own club in one or two advances (if you get there) and you can’t figure out how on earth the TD failed to see such an obvious conflict? One person, one point of view ...

So what’s the point? It’s similar to the “glass ceiling” theory as it applies to women in business – you can only get so far. Racquetball’s glass ceiling – at least as far as most of us are concerned – is the Open division. Gender notwithstanding, it’s clearly a quantum leap between the “A” skill division and the “Open.” And nothing makes that more obvious than a trip to national singles!

So here’s where I fit in (and presumably many of you ...). I play Open in Colorado during the regular season. Not because I train, or (heaven forbid!) practice, but simply due to 20-years-worth of on-court experience that has taught me where the ball is going to end up most of the time – and what to do with it when it gets there. If I ever did practice (bite your tongue), there’s just no telling how good I might become. Sigh.

Still, when I consider what division to play at Nationals, the mere thought of going up against big-name Open division players like Jackie Paraiso or Robin Levine strikes fear in my heart. Both very nice people, mind you, but these women are serious! But does that make it fair for me to play “A’s”? Not really – and until this year I had a lot of ethical angst about it.

Now I have an option. This year, National Singles offers an “Elite” division for which I fully expect to qualify. I’ll enter Open, where I belong, then try to “build character” against someone who has a much more legitimate shot at making the U.S. Team than I ever will. Then, with my scruples intact, I’ll drop down into what is called the “Elite” division for continued regulation play against what I hope will shake out to be my peer group.

It’s just another little “tweak” to a system that at least tries to accomodate as many everyday players as possible. And I, for one, intend to make use of it ... with no mixed feelings whatsoever!

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