January -
February 1998
Vol. 9, No. 1

by Linda Mojer

Season's Greetings! Happy Holidays! No, wait – that was last month; you're not reading this until well into January – but we've gone over that already. So, how are those resolutions going? I've decided that I'm going to cave on the free time thing – I just don't have any, so I'm not going to pretend anymore. Here's why ...

The Internet. It's a form of torture. I'll be practically out the door, but just as I get to the almost-blank, all-but-turned-off, final screen I'll see that little icon for the modem and think to myself "I'll just check my mail before I leave ..." Ha! That's another hour right there, at least. Then to the newsgroup [alt.sport.racquetball] to see if I really need to address misconceptions in the cyber-field. Don't get me wrong – I love the instantaneous communication thing, but there's nothing like a litte anonymity to bring out the best in people ... Finally, between print issues, it's a race to get the websites updated, or I'll really get an eye-ful!

U.S. OPEN. It's become its own lifeform. Not that I'm frightened by 14-hour days – I can take it – but the mere thought that it's going to grow ...! The television potential alone, (with your help in getting ESPN to notice racquetball) is staggering. If you'll turn to page five for the details, you can become part of what we hope will become a massive letter-writing campaign to urge ESPN to produce and air more racquetball events. If it's truly what you want, you have the chance to make your feelings known. Don't worry about me – I've worked "in the truck" before (making sure names are spelled right, records are correct, hometowns are accurate and that the production crew knows what a "skip" is). A worthwhile project!

National Singles. It now includes the national skill level championships. That's right – A,B,C & D level competition will be offered in Houston this year! The U.S. OPEN will no longer host a separate national skill level event, but it will offer invitational [Level 5] competition. For the staff, our annual Memorial Day assignment has just become a bit more interesting!

All year, it's the association's 30th anniversary. In April, the Pan American Games Qualifier will be held in Winnipeg. All year, the magazine will continue to develop and evolve. In July, the World Championships will be played in Bolivia. All year, the USRA will try to find new ways to make your racquetball better ... online, on-screen, on Donner and Blitzen! Have a wonderful season, and wonderful year – I'll be the one trying to keep up with all of it, and all of you! And enjoying every sleepless minute of it!

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