January - February 1997: Volume 8, Number 1


by Linda Mojer

Come to think of it, this is a lot easier than trying to think up something to talk about to introduce each issue. What other contests can we dream up? Not to minimize the importance of our announcement ... We have a winner!

The winning design for the USRA logo contest came to us from Dave Titus of Mammoth Lakes, California, who was also among the first to send in his entry (with thanks to Pete Mellish for some creative guidance). You may recall earlier bits of Dave's work (he designed our 3D masthead and the glass version on the July/August cover), and if you're really curious, one of his wedding pictures appears on page 54. He's also been involved in producing some graphics for the RACQUETBALL Magazine website. Quite a busy (not to mention talented) guy!

We received a total of twelve designs in all, making the decision all the more difficult. But it also tells us -- once again -- just how talented our little racquetball community really is.

So, just to let everyone else know where to turn when they need a little graphic work done (psst ... state associations, this is for you ...), we've listed our finalists, honorable mentions and "thanks for a special project" citations right here for all to see.

Finalists: Gordon H. Ira, Jr., Md. (Jacksonville, Fla.) & Cynthia Collins (Round Rock, Texas)
Honorable Mention: Robert Webster (Vancouver, Wash.); Mike Nigro (Greeley, Colo.); Shane Carlson (Clovis, N.M.); Rhett Collins (Round Rock, Texas); Paul David Tucker (Dandridge, Tenn.); Mary Low Acuff (Asheville, N.C.); Frank Smalarz (Lemont, Illinois).
And special thanks for the class design project submitted by Keith Karelva's students Jacob Szyzdek, Yair Rodriguez, David Ramos, Cory Jovanovic and Jacob Jovanovic -- all from Burbank, Illnois.

Perhaps if I start thinking about it now, I'll have come up with something dazzling to write about ... roughly eight weeks from this very minute ...

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