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Purpose:  To determine the strongest national racquetball team (comprised of athletes under the age of 18) in the world, as well as name individual world singles and doubles titlists in age divisions between 8 and under and 18 and under.
Established: 1989
Frequency: Annual (In December)
Entrants: 200 
Awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze, 4th in Boy's & Girl's championship divisions, plus state team trophy. Medallions in red, white and blue consolation divisions, plus an overall World Championship team award.
  Rules & Eligibility
Conditions: IRF rules govern, including mandatory protective eyewear requirement.
Eligibility: Entrants must be current members of their country's national governing association, or a member of a recognized national team from countries affiliated with the International Racquetball Federation.
Judging: Single elimination in championships rounds, plus satellite divisions in red, white and blue designations. Play conducted in two-year incremental age divisions from age "8 and under" to "18 and under" (i.e. 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, 18-), plus special rules "multi-bounce" 8 and under division.
  More Information
Results: For in-depth, current results, go to RACQUETBALL | "Event Coverage"
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2002 Orlando, Fla.
2001 Orlando, Fla.
2000 Fountain Valley, Calif.
1999 Fountain Valley, Calif.
1998 Fountain Valley, Calif.
1997 Fountain Valley, Calif.
1996 Fountain Valley, Calif.
1995 Fountain Valley, Calif.
1994 Jacksonville, Fla.
1993 Jacksonville, Fla.
1992 Jacksonville, Fla.
1991 Jacksonville, Fla.
1990 Miami, Fla.
1989 Miami, Fla.

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